Kids Treasure Hunt          
east sussextreasure hunt bottrip
east sussex treasur map boat trip
maverick boat adventures treasure hunt

Our day starts with an amazing find of a lost pirate treasure map.


This map will take us on a journey into the pirate life starting with the ships pirate flag being raised and pirate hats to be worn to fool others that seek our treasure.....


Careful passage is needed though the River Ouse as its widely know as special waters for smuggling pirates. 

Our voyage starts at Denton Island with a sunken ship and treasure to be found on X marks the spot, all you need to do is follow the map. 

Each treasure hunt will last 2-3 hours and includes refreshments, pre-hidden map and treasures for all the children.    

This is a great adventure for kids and parents with an exciting experience you will never forget

Half day 3 hours---------£300 

Full day 6 hours-------- £400