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Maverick Boat Adventures
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Maverick Boat Adventures

Maverick Boat adventures start of the season is in full swing. It’s been a fantastic start to Spring with our new boat added to the fleet, a porpoise hot streak and many wonderful boat trips filled with smiles, adrenaline and the odd fall out with the low tide! In this post we’ll be revealing our Spring highlights and what’s not to be missed at Maverick Boat Adventures.

Introducing Maverick 3

‘We need a bigger boat’ Words famously heard from Captain Paul on a daily basis last Summer. After disappointingly turning down many large groups we realised 2022’s main objective was to invest in a larger rib boat. Well, here she is! ‘Maverick 3’ is a stunning 28ft Italian Mediterranean Marlin rib. With the help from Gareth at Ribsforsale we found her and she’s absolutely perfect.

Marlin has always been at the fore front of its field and the innovative cutting of the tubes and hydrodynamic stabiliser makes their design a real trademark. It was a no brainer to purchase another to match our ‘Lady Maverick’ 23ft Marlin rib, the first to join our fleet.

Maverick 3 comes equipped with a teak table and seating, fully functional bathroom, refrigerator, fresh water shower and stereo. Complete with twin outboard Suzuki engines and even a dive platform. What more could you want for a private boat charter?!

Maverick 3 has opened up a new world of luxury for our boat trips and we are thrilled to now accommodate for larger groups. So pack a picnic, grab some cans for the fridge, dig out those swimsuits and come ‘dive’ into the East Sussex coast with us!

Porpoise hot streak

‘That’s no Dolphin! It’s a Porpoise.’ Although often mistaken, Dolphins and Porpoise are in different families, their even more distinct than lions and tigers. Their differences span from fin and head shape, to behaviours, vocals and average group size. The big question is how come we’ve been so lucky this year already to have spotted many sightings of these beautiful mammals? With 3 sightings in a week, we couldn’t believe our luck!

We know that porpoise are known for their rather shy nature compared to dolphins. However, on one of our popular sunset cruises we had a film production team onboard (I know, what luck) and we ventured to the iconic beachy head lighthouse. We were treated with a spectacular sunset on the calmest sea you could imagine…. honestly, like a pancake. And whilst the film crew were doing their thing, collecting the money shots of the setting sun behind the lighthouse, I soaked up the picturesque landscape of the Seven Sisters cliffs, and there they were! Out to the distance I spotted 2 triangular fins! Immediately switching off the engine we waited… to my astonishment they swam up, closer and closer. It didn’t take long until we were surrounded by pods and pods of porpoise, in every direction! They were definitely there to give the cameras a show, jumping out the water, swimming under the boat. As a captain, it was a special experience which completely blew my mind, I have never encountered so many porpoises in one place, and to be so approachable swimming up close to the boat…. it was a special experience I will never forget.

We stayed until the sun had set until we had to reluctantly leave the porpoises and made a fast ride back to Newhaven Marina….. we had definitely run over schedule!

This was then followed by another 2 sightings that week in different locations. I began to ask myself why have we been so lucky? Has there been a surge in Porpoises along our coast? We reported our findings to the Sussex Dolphin Project and continue to follow local news on other marine life sightings. But all in all, it has already become an unforgettable season and I’m sure it’s not the last time we will spend an evening with our new porpoise pals…. until next time!

So with an updated fleet, and some new pals we’re absolutely hyped for the summer! We’ve already had the pleasure of hosting some of our wonderful returning customers and of course friendly new faces. We’ve been blessed with some fantastic sea conditions this last month and even customers embracing their adventurous sides with cold water dips in the beautiful Cuckmere bay. Steven the seal has also made lots of appearances on our boat trips. Keeping his distance, we watch from afar whilst he preys on fish.

We are also excited to soon announce some upcoming big events at Maverick Boat Adventures such as, the Queens Jubilee weekend and the Eastbourne air show (watch this space). It’s all about to get even more exciting at Maverick Boat Adventures, so as the season continues, we invite you to follow our adventures and join us as we show you the magic our East Sussex Coast has to offer. Be a Maverick!