A very popular trip for large groups, families and also couples. The River Ouse can be ether a romantic or a fun adventure through the countryside with completely calm waters on your very own private charter.


With a private charter you have a great chance to enjoy a picnic and drinks, we allow alcohol but in plastic glasses and in moderation.


Please note the trip is tide dependent so we will contact you with a departure time 




One of our most popular trips the River Ouse starts at the marina of Newhaven and heads straight up the beginnings of the River Ouse past Denton Island heading towards Piddinghoe a village once a central player in Sussex smuggling.

The trip is perfect all year round with calm waters and slow cruising speeds. We provide pillows, warm blankets and very comfortable lounging areas with use of binoculars for all wildlife and beautiful scenery including the fabulous Lewes castle.

As we motor slowly up the windy water ways past amazing waterfront houses, boat yards and inland countryside we enter Lewes town centre next to the famous Harvey's Brewery and traditional pubs, markets and shops with a rustic feel motoring straight through the heart of the historic town of Lewes.

This is a great adventure through the country side to Lewes like no other, even if you know the area well travelling by boat is simply stunning.

Our exciting boat trip offers a new and unique venue sure to dazzle everyone in attendance.

The trip runs between 2 and 2.5 hours.




The trip will begin boarding a beautiful Mediterranean boat. Not once have we had a customers feel sea sick due to the design of the boat. The Clever designed commercial tubes provide a pleasurable ride at high speeds and prevent water spray. 

Our type of boat is widely used in places such as Croatia as a commercial tour boat. The boat has a luxury lounging sun bed at the front and back of the boat which also converts into comfortable seating for motoring at high speeds. 


We have a diving platform with a built in shower, huge sun shade for them hot days and loads of storage space including a loud sound system.  



We advise to bring warm clothing and sunscreen. 

Even on a sunny day the wind chill can be cold. 

Please bring soft clean shoes to look after the deck of our boat.  

We provide binoculars to see the stunning scenery just don't forget your camera.


You may bring any food or drink alcohol  just remember to bring only plastic glasses.





If arriving by bus or train to Newhaven Town, just follow the river down on the west side towards the sea and you will eventually arrive at the boat after 12 minutes of walking.

If travelling by car free parking is on the main road leading into the marina next to the cricket field.


The gravel car park called "berth holder only" is the car park to walk through to find us. I will be in front of a boat shop called Simpson Marine which is next to a big slip way.


There is also some parking right next to the boat which you have to pay a small fee for but very convenient. To find our location just google Maverick Boat Adventures BN9 9BY and you will find us. We will be down the RAMP on the pontoons next to the slip way. You can wait for us by our big sign next to the ramp.

Public toilets are also on the main road in front of the gravel car park. If you arrive early there is a coffee shop and convenient store next to the gravel car park.

newhaven marina map.JPG