Water Skiing

Water skiing in which an individual is pulled behind a boat  skimming the surface on two skis or one ski.

The idea is to move across the wakes producing sharp fast turns.

Wake Surfing

While those sit on their surfboard in the ocean waiting for a wave to roll in that they can ride to the shore, a wake surfer’s ride lasts more than the half-minute thrill a surfer can expect.

In fact, so long as the boat has fuel and the rider has the energy, the ride can last indefinitely – there is no end to the wave so long as the boat keeps pushing forward.


Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider is standing on a wakeboard and is towed behind a motorboat across its wake and especially up off the crest in order to perform aerial manoeuvres.


The Big Sofa

One of our most popular activities and loads of fun!

What ever you do we make it really safe and extremely good fun - very sociable and perfect for birthday parties and groups.

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If you would like to join for a ride simply just text us 07732202208.We have a great friendly group most of which are beginners, we all meet up at Newhaven Marina slipway (BN9 9BY)  and we try and head out all together. A group of 4 people is about 2 hours on the water we usually head out for the beautiful sunrise and then back to the pontoon by 8am before work starts. If you need dropping off earlier this can be arranged. We also head out after work and at weekends just let us know when you are free. 

  From beginner level to advanced our coaching staff will help you achieve your goals.

We operate every day and can take small or large groups. 
Join our "Ride before work" sessions every morning, we head out to catch the stunning sunrise then back to the pontoon for 8am. Feel free to get ready for work on the dock with use of our pontoon shower.
Contact us for a booking morning, day or afternoon.
check our prices for individual rides, group buys or join our membership scheme for some amazing discounts and offers.  

Cutting Edge is our fantastic participation programme for people all ages offering them the chance to try the sport, develop their skills and progress to competition level. It follows a step by step progression so it is easy to track how much you have improved since your last session and compared to your friends, simply ask your instructor to take part in the programme. 



All our equipment is brand new every year from O'Brien

We provide boards, life jackets, wetsuits and even gloves and boots for them chilly days. Everything is included in the price. 

We wash our all our equipment after each use and try to dry the wetsuits coz no one likes a wet wetty.

If you like the equipment you have the chance to buy it in our shop or online.



We are lucky enough to have our very own Malibu Wakesetter VLX bringing the next level of extreme water sports and luxury together.


With it wind protection, heating and amazing sound system just being a passenger is a joy.

Our boat is perfectly designed to produce small wakes for water skiing, large wakes for wake boarding and even bigger wakes for wake surfing 



We advise to bring warm clothing and sunscreen. 

Even on a sunny day the wind chill can be cold. 

Please bring soft clean shoes to look after the deck of our boat.  

Bring a change of clothes and a towel .

Please arrive changed and ready as we do not have changing facilities. You are more than welcome to borrow a wetsuit and life jacket for no extra cost.

You can get changed on the pontoon or on the boat. 


newhaven marina map.JPG


If arriving by bus or train to Newhaven Town, just follow the river down on the west side towards the sea and you will eventually arrive at the boat after 12 minutes of walking.

If travelling by car free parking is on the main road leading into the marina next to the cricket field.


The gravel car park called "berth holder only" is the car park to walk through to find us. I will be in front of a boat shop called Simpson Marine which is next to a big slip way.


There is also some parking right next to the boat which you have to pay a small fee for but very convenient. To find our location just google Maverick Boat Adventures BN9 9BY and you will find us. We will be down the RAMP on the pontoons next to the slip way. You can wait for us by our big sign next to the ramp.

Public toilets are also on the main road in front of the gravel car park. If you arrive early there is a coffee shop and convenient store next to the gravel car park.

Being we are weather dependent 
call or text us for a booking its that easy

Tel: 07732202208